proudly serving canadian hospitals
coast to coast



Inter V Medical Inc. is a Canadian medical products distributor. Since its birth, our company is committed to giving its customers a personalized professional and courteous service as it is mentioned in our Mission Statement “Proudly serving Canadian hospitals coast to coast”. Inter V Medical specializes in several areas of Interventional Radiology and Cardiology. In Radiology, Inter V Medical is a leader in most departments such as Angiography, Ultrasound, Mammography, CT Scan, Fluoroscopy, MRI. Regarding the Interventional Cardiology, the company is constantly working at introducing the newest technologies in the Heart Catheterization Lab and Electrophysiology. Inter V Medical specializes in two main health sectors that are interventional cardiology and radiology. We supply the majority of medical devices used in cardiology procedures such as vascular access, angiography and angioplasty or thrombus aspiration.

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